My name is Tianna, but the ones that know me call me Ti. I am a mother, daughter, friend, sister, intuitive healer, lover and so much more! My greatest accomplishment in life thus far has been creating human life. Being a Mom has changed my perspective and redefined my purpose. I created this blog space to share my story (plain & simple); to share my gifts with others. To write about the things that are heavy on my heart - as a way to clear my mind, and provide services that help others do the same. I am a student, currently working to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with a minor in Black Studies. With that, I’d like to continue to grow my writing and develop anti-racist non-profit programs for Black single mothers that focus on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness. As a Black single mother of almost seven years, I understand wholeheartedly how difficult it can be to do it on your own in this country and how taxing that can be on one’s overall wellness. I would like to be able to combine what I’ve learned academically with what I’ve experienced personally to provide resources for women with similar circumstances. All in all, this is a space for me to share my stories, share my experiences, unpack new things that I am learning, share happy moments, and essentially to share my life with others.